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DW || XII pop art

Land of Art is a multi-fandom community for folks who like creating all kinds of graphics & icons.
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Doctor Who 12-in-25 Icons
Dream of the Endless
Here's my set of a dozen icons of the Doctor Who the Twelfth for dwstills 12-in-25 challenge, plus 20 alternates & variations.

dr12thsetthemetextures06-E dr12thsetthemegreyscale123 drwhoclara12sherwoodicon
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Icons from 2018 (Part Two: Various Stuffs & Things)
DW || XII stars animation
129 130 icons made from January 2018 through December 2018.
As usual there are a few variations. Most of the icons are quite simple/minimal edits because I was usually just making them to enter challenges.
A table of contents is behind the cut, it's a long list.


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five picspams
Ab Fab || lacroix sweetie
For [community profile] lands_of_magic's Thanksgiving holiday prompts challenge, five large picspams featuring Doctor Who, The Good Place, The Lord of the Rings & Ab Fab.

These aren't the greatest picspam designs ever, but that's okay it wasn't a contest just a challenge.

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