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20-in-20 icons of Doctor Who
DW || Dr. XII Space (layout match)
26 icons for [community profile] lands_of_magic's 20-in-20 icon challenge.
Character claim: Doctor Who the Twelfth.

Dr-XIIZigzag001 drXII-ACSet005
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Icons from 2018 (Part One: Doctor Who)
Ab Fab || Rotation
1-150 Doctor Who mainly series nine & ten.
151-156 Class (pilot episode only).
Banners: Doctor Who Ⅻ.
Picspams: Doctor Who various episodes, Ⅻ's era.
Icons and graphics include many variations & a few picspam crops. Just to let you know before you like click to view all of these images so you won't get bored, there aren't 156 completely different icons.
A few of these may be from the last part of 2017, too.

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A post with icons.
DW || XII Dramatic
Icons for round four at [community profile] icons10in20.
Doctor Who (4) & Humans (6) plus 16 extras.

★ Ten Themes ★
Patriotic Distant+Vibrant Close crop+B&W Summer Hair painting
Crossover Monotone Floral Zzz...Two heads

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Four Elements
DW || Dr. 12 Cool doodles
For gameofcards challenge Elemental 4 : Doctor Who picspams.


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