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New Icons

61 Icons (including many alternates/variations) & 1 wallpaper
46 Doctor Who
15 various TV & movies
1 Doctor Who wallpaper
Icons 49-56, 27 & 19 made for a multifandom icon battle on Dreamwidth, view the full showcase → here!
Edit August 2018: Images restored.

Doctor Who

Icons 1-10 made for the first challenge at [community profile] fandom10in30.
The theme was primary colors (blue, red & yellow), my claim was Doctor Who episode 10.03 "Thin Ice".


[39-42] drwsherwoodbanter001abc


Various TV & Movies

Space: 1999, Timeless, Killjoys, Elementary, Lucifer, Grey's Anatomy
Dark Matter, Solace, Wonder Woman, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit trilogy


Doctor Who wallpaper made for the new community [community profile] challengeme.
The first challenge was Choose-Your-Own Action/Adventure Trope. I picked the trope Beast in the Maze.
Words from "Keep the Car Running" by Arcade Fire.

click to view 1980x1024px

Most of these icons were entered in or inspired by these fun icontests: [community profile] iconthat, capicontest, iconsomething, dwstills & shire_icontest.

♥ Comments are always appreciated!
Please do not re-post to other sites without permission.
Credit to spectral_color also on dreamwidth @ [community profile] spectral_color is optional & appreciated.
Design resources for icons provided by these sources listed here all Who caps are from genrecaps.

P.S. It's a promo!
Open to LJ & Dreamwidth users.
Ends August 31

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