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2017 Year-End Icon Clearance!

111 Icons (including many alternates/variations) & 21 graphics (including variations)
84 Doctor Who
19 various TV & movies
8 various musicians & actors
7 Doctor Who poster graphics
14 picspams & graphics

A huge Doctor Who 'clear-out' before you know-what-happens in a few days.

Doctor Who


Various TV & Movies

Merlin, Humans, Star Trek, Absolutely Fabulous, Empire, Scandal,
Labyrinth, Jurassic World, The Mummy (1932)


Musicians & Actors

St. Vincent, Adele, Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders


Doctor Who 2017 Christmas special poster style graphics
Inspired by Land of Art's TV promo posters challenge.

doctorwho_Xmasspecialtattereddr12_originalposterv3 doctorwho_Xmasspecialtattereddr12_smallposterv3 doctorwho_Xmasspecialtattereddr12_smallposterv3p1 doctorwho_Xmasspecialtattereddr12_smallposter doctorwho_Xmasspecialtattereddr12_originalposter doctorwho_Xmasspecialtattereddr12_paintyswirlsposter doctorwhodr12colorswirlssmallposter

Various fandom picspams

Character chronological progression picspams made for LoA:
The Twelfth Doctor from Doctor Who, Cookie from Empire, Edina & Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous Olivia Pope from Scandal.
Click the thumbnails to open larger images (1024x1024px to 1980x1024px)

This has different tv shows in one, I made it for LoA One person various roles picspam challenge:
Peter Capaldi (from top left to right one image each: Inspector Wexford, Prime Suspect, The Thick of It, The Musketeers, Doctor Who x 6)
The re-cropped one is all Doctor Who.


More Doctor Who picspams...
and old graphics I never archived here - a few of them are pretty random and useless (an expired calendar), made to fill prompts for land-comm challenges.
Who needs a banner of the 12th Doctor eating sushi - in a frame no less? I doubt anyone does, but there it is.
I wonder if he has Sonic Chopsticks?

Many icons made for at [community profile] fandom10in30 & dwstills, others were entered in or inspired by these fun challenge comms: capicontest, gameofcards, iconsomething, landofart, elitesimplicity & tv_universe.

♥ Comments are always appreciated!
Please do not re-post to other websites without permission.
Credit to spectral_color also on dreamwidth @ [community profile] spectral_color is optional & appreciated.
Design resources for icons provided by these sources listed here.

Clock image from Bellacrix @ dA.

Thanks for viewing!


I know I'm not the greatest icon-maker in all of space-time but if you like my Doctor Who icons & would like a custom one, I'm taking requests at dwstills until January as part of The 12 Days of the Twelfth Doctor.

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