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Doctor Who icons made for fandom10in30

10 Doctor Who theme/prompt icons plus 16 18 alternates/variations.
A set of icons for a challenge at fandom10in30.

dw1009-fan10in30-R39-turquoise03 dw809-fan10in30-R39-paintede dw801-fan10in30-R39-Historical001d

Round 39 @ fandom10in30: Mystery Box (all prompts supplied by the challenge moderator)

Doctor Who (Twelfth Doctor TV era episodes)

01.dw801-fan10in30-R39-Historical001d 02.dw809-fan10in30-R39-paintede 03.dw811-fan10in30-R39-texture004 04.dw1008-fan10in30-R39-closecrop01 05.dw910-fan10in30-R39-texture004-2

06.dw1009-fan10in30-R39-texture0012 07.dw1009-fan10in30-R39-palette0224 08.dw1009-fan10in30-R39-themesci-fi2 09. dw1009-fan10in30-R39-turquoise03 10.dw1009-fan10in30-R39-texture003-D

Prompts I used from the Box of Mystery:
01. Historical (TV story "Deep Breath" scene set in Victorian London)
02. Technical: Painted
03. Texture by latastic
04. Technical: Close crop
05. Texture by adriftingsea
06. Texture by tiger_tyger
07. Color palette (shown below)
08. Sci-fi
09: Turquoise
10. Texture by liesmiths2

latastic: adriftingsea: tiger_tyger: liesmiths2:
image host image host image host image host

I know the light ring texture isn't visible on the icon but I did use it after I edited it so I could have more rings.
image host
Color Palette
Color by COLOURlovers

Alternates (all using the same screencaps & same prompts as above)
dw801-fan10in30-R39-Historical001b dw811-fan10in30-R39-texture004b dw910-fan10in30-R39-texture004-1 dw910-fan10in30-R39-texture004-3
dw809-fan10in30-R39-painted dw809-fan10in30-R39-paintedb dw809-fan10in30-R39-paintedc
dw1009-fan10in30-R39-palette002 dw1009-fan10in30-R39-palette0023 dw1009-fan10in30-R39-palette0225 dw1009-fan10in30-R39-texture001org dw1009-fan10in30-R39-texture001org2 dw1009-fan10in30-R39-texture001
dw1009-fan10in30-R39-turquoise01 dw1009-fan10in30-R39-turquoise02 dw1009-fan10in30-R39-texture0031 dw1009-fan10in30-R39-turqblue05 dw1009-fan10in30-R39-turq-BW05
because obviously 100x100px is too small for a dinosaur here it is in 360px:

Doctor Who series 10 screencaps from Genrecaps (tumblr) & Quiteunlikely.net, series 8 & 9 caps from the same and/or Screencapped.net, destruction_box (LJ) & Dr. Who's Tragical History Tour
Links to these websites are here in my resources & credits page here.
Additional textures by lookslikerain

♥ Thank you for viewing and/or leaving comments.
☆ Credit to me or spectral_color is optional but appreciated.
☆ Please do not upload to other websites (like Fanpop) without permission.

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