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Spectral Color

icons & graphics

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spectral color
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repository of icons & graphics
Spectral Color

Welcome to Luminousdaze's icons & graphics repository.
Icons & graphics are all for personal use (user profiles etc).
Please do not upload my graphics to other websites (e.g. Fan Pop).

You can add attribution/credit for icons like this (LJ only):

 photo howtodoit.jpg

Thanks for visiting.

Current layout by brutal @ mintyapple

Rice up against hunger

Portions of this blog contain "fan works." All television, movie characters, and original visual media (including real or fictional people) used in portions of this blog including graphics (i.e. site layout, site artwork and digital “fan art”) are not owned by or affiliated with the maintainer of this blog. All of the aforementioned “original media” on used on this blog are for fan art/fan entertainment and information purposes only, and are not ever sold or used for profit by the blog's owner. Use of such media implies no connection or endorsement to this site from the original copyright holders or from any of the real people seen in the images. All original media is © their respective owners.

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